Morris + Company is looking for architects to join its team in London.

Morris + Company is seeking the highest calibre architects to work on a range of exciting large scale and complex urban regeneration projects across London. Our project pipeline is one with an emphasis on collaboration and open dialogue with project partners, consultant experts, stakeholders and community groups. We are seeking dynamic and team focused candidates from a broad and diverse background to build upon new and established client relationships.


We are looking for architects with experience in the design and delivery of high quality housing or workplace.


Making architecture is an adventure better done in company.

Morris + Company is a company of architects. We are listeners, makers, curators, narrators, experimenters and innovators. We are bold activists and obsessive fabricators. And we are connected by our love of making buildings. Our work is the product of craft and humanity. The skill of making buildings may be specialist but human experience is universal, and it is from that experience that our architecture grows. People love, live, work, are born and die in our buildings; we bring them into being and leave them to become themselves. Our buildings are the result of rich and constructive discourse with our clients. Our methodology is inquisitive, explorative and powerful, and gives us new perspectives on a brief. We are dedicated to making architecture for mutual profit, whether that’s environmental, social, economic or cultural. Guided by a collective responsibility to the planet, we aim to bring about positive change for every person who experiences, commissions or designs our buildings. We make buildings for developers, schools, private companies, housing associations, local authorities, families, community groups and charities, and the people that use them range from white-collar workers to the hidden homeless.


We are a highly collaborative practice and so you must be a team player, a strong communicator and avid listener. We welcome candidates with warm and engaging personalities that will enhance practice life. You should also have excellent organisational skills, be a problem solver and an innovative thinker.

As a practice we have a clear set of core values that drive our work, so we are looking for candidates who care about the social and environmental impact of our work.


  • experience in design and delivery from concept to detail, to construction
  • exemplar knowledge of urban regulations and operational procedure
  • critical understanding of place – making in planning and developmental
  • excellent design and technical skills
  • strong project management experience
  • excellent communication skills
  • be hands-on and team focussed approach
  • self-disciplined and confident in complex dynamics
  • Revit proficiency preferred



  • Short statement of interest (no more than 500 words)
  • CV
  • Short-form portfolio